teaching lately

– SS 2022 Erst- und Zweitbegegnungen mit Tanzimprovisation Evangelische Hochschule Berlin – SS 2022 Tanzimprovisation & Methoden künstlerischer Forschung Evangelische Hochschule Berlin- – 3.5.2022 Body and Voice in Teaching, Workshop EPFL Lausanne – 27.4.2022 Was ist Tanz? Workshop / Lecture Performance zusammen mit Jan Burkhardt, Centre Francais Berlin, https://centre-francais.de/events/skat-1-was-ist-tanz-mit-susanne-martin-und-jan-burkhardt/ –  Somatic Research and Documentation Workshop… Continue reading teaching lately

About Susi & Gabi’s Salon

Graphic Sophie Jahnke

Susi & Gabi’s Salon Susanne Martin & Gabriele Reuter (Berlin) revive a European tradition that dates back to the 17th century; a salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host (Susi & Gabi as Salonnières do their best to inspire!), held partly for amusement and partly to refine taste and… Continue reading About Susi & Gabi’s Salon

The Salon as Dance Mediation Format, a documentation of Salon #13 by Maren Witte

Graphik: Kerstin Hille

first published in Mapping Dance Berlin 2018 http://www.tanzraumberlin.de/files/map_broschure_web_fin_1.pdf Description of the setting and the idea of the formatThe latest edition of Susi & Gabi’s Salon marks the beginning of the Tanzfabrik showcase series “Open Spaces” from November 1-6, 2017. Two of the performance groups invited to the showcase can already present their work here and put… Continue reading The Salon as Dance Mediation Format, a documentation of Salon #13 by Maren Witte

Artistic Research Lecture Performances – other themes

– 3 April 2022 Miteinander improvisieren: Ein Tanz, ein Vortrag und zwei Übungen zum Sich-Anstecken, Lecture Performance, Symposium Gruppenpsychoanalyse, Wien – 25 October 2018 Ties & Bonds, together with Alex Nowitz, conference Alliances & Communalities, University of the Arts, Stockholm, Sweden – 7 April 2018 Learning. Teaching. Dancing. An interactive danced lecture, Tanzfabrik Berlin –… Continue reading Artistic Research Lecture Performances – other themes

Biography short

Susanne Martin (PhD) is a Berlin-based choreographer, performer, researcher, and teacher in the field of contemporary dance and theatre. She presents her work internationally in solo performances and collaborative stage works. Her artistic practice and research focus on improvisation as choreographic practice, critical practices and narrations of age(ing), contact improvisation, artistic research methods, and improvisation-based… Continue reading Biography short

Dancing Age(ing) lecture performances 2017

Photo Annika Fredriksson

September 2017, Searching for the Fountain of Age – a danced lecture, Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts (CARPA 5), Theatre Academy and the Academy of Fine Arts, UniartsHelsinki, Finnland.See publication here 7 July 2017, Improvising Age(ing) or dancing around the fountain of youth and the fountain of age – a danced lecture and… Continue reading Dancing Age(ing) lecture performances 2017

Von der Schönheit und Seltsamkeit des Anlehnens 2017

Photos: Etienne Girardet Lehnen, federn, fallen, berühren, ausstrecken, anschmiegen, ausklappen einsacken, hinfläzen, auftanken. // 8 junge Menschen, ein Sofa, viel Raum für Kontakt und für eigensinnige Versuche des Anlehnens und Abhebens. // Es entstehen schöne und seltsame Beziehungen zwischen Körper und Körper, zwischen Körper und Boden, Körper und Sofa, Körper und Raum. // VON DER SCHÖNHEIT UND SELTSAMKEIT DES ANLEHNENS ist… Continue reading Von der Schönheit und Seltsamkeit des Anlehnens 2017

Duet improvisations with AKiiiM (2017)

Photo: Ulrike Eckel

-10 April 2017, deluxe expérimental performance! at Merlin’s Berlin, venue: Maze, Berlin Kreuzberg -06 April 2017, Understanding Dance for Beginners and Intermediates: after Loie Fuller at 7 minutes of fame, venue: Stammtisch, Berlin Neukölln

7 minutes of fame 2016 / 2017

7 minutes of fame flyer 2016

After  18 months and 12 editions and many many wonderful performers and performances Marlène and me closed the series in 2017. 2018 it is taken up again curated and hosted by Emilia Oebel and Georg Bergmann. We are very happy about that!!!!!! A mixed performance evening curated by Marlène Colle and Susanne Martin at good… Continue reading 7 minutes of fame 2016 / 2017

What do I teach (in 2019)?

Photo Eugene Titov

My teaching deals mainly with dance, improvisation, performance, the body in different contexts, artistic research methods, or topics such as such as dance & age(ing) or improvisation & engineering, which developed out of my own artistic research. In which formats do I teach? – Workshops / Classes = practice oriented, limited time for verbal interaction… Continue reading What do I teach (in 2019)?

Dancing Age(ing) lecture performances 2014 – 2016

Photo: Lars Åsling

7 Dec 2016, Performing Age(ing): Sliding through Time – a danced lecture, Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg, Sweden 1 Dec 2016, Performing Age(ing): Sliding through Time – a danced lecture, SITE, artistic platform and production house for contemporary performing arts, Stockholm, Sweden 29 Nov 2016, Performing Age(ing): Sliding through Time – a… Continue reading Dancing Age(ing) lecture performances 2014 – 2016

Dancing Age(ing) – PhD Dissertation 2016 – Abstract

Set in the context of contemporary dance this thesis investigates how improvisation practice and performance making participate in a critical rethinking of age(ing). Advancing the notion of an age critical dance practice, the research draws on the theoretical frameworks of age studies – a multidisciplinary field of critical inquiry informed by, largely speaking, feminist and… Continue reading Dancing Age(ing) – PhD Dissertation 2016 – Abstract

Doctor D meets Doctor V 2016

Susanne Martin and Alex Nowitz Premiere: July 7, 2016, at festival Improvisation Xchange Berlin – berlin arts united at Dock 11, BerlinDuration: 60 min An interdisciplinary dialogue between two artistic research projects, one based in dance, the other in voice/live electronics(spoken language English)In this three-part performance Susanne Martin and Alex Nowitz each share, explain, and… Continue reading Doctor D meets Doctor V 2016

I See Red (Berlin 2016)

I SEE RED / Interventions An improvisation event by Peter Pleyer and Michiel KeuperGuests: Zen Jefferson, Andrea Keiz, Susanne MartinDock 11, Berlin 11. – 13. March 2016 Inspired by the history of interventions by artists and designers in the field of choreography and vice versa, dancer/choreographer Peter Pleyer and visual composer/designer Michiel Keuper use this… Continue reading I See Red (Berlin 2016)

The Fountain of Age 2015

Photos W. Gillingham Sutton​​ A Solo / Dance / Piece / Lecture / Performance / Research This solo performance constitutes one of two artistic outcomes I present as part of my PhD dissertation Dancing Age(ing) at Middlesex University London. Premiere: 18 June 2015, Ravensfield Theatre MIddlesex University LondonDuration: 40 minSupported by: Middlesex University London, Tanzfabrik… Continue reading The Fountain of Age 2015

TIN Pieces (London 2015)

23.10. 2015 Middlesex University London ‘TIN Pieces’ is a playful evening of improvised performance by members of the TransDisciplinary Improvisation Network (TIN) based at Middlesex University and their guests.Exploring processes of instant composition, within and across dance, music and theatre the event promises to be a lively celebration of all things spontaneous. The evening is… Continue reading TIN Pieces (London 2015)

The Fountain of Youth 2014

Photos Lars Åsling A solo/ dance/ piece/ lecture/ performance/ research by Susanne MartinDuration: 45 minGrove Theatre, Middlesex University London, November 2014 The Fountain of YouthIs a core part of my doctoral research in dance, dedicated to exploring and questioning dominant views on ageing dancing bodies through my own improvisation-based dance practice and performance making The… Continue reading The Fountain of Youth 2014

Korsobad: on Stage (2014)

Photo: Steffen Rüttinger

Photos Steffen Rüttinger 07.06.2014Duet with Gabriele ReuterSolo (work in progress for The Fountain of Age)Group improvisation with all performers Ein Abend mit kurzen Tanzstücken, Improvisationen und Live Musik, kuratiert von Gabriele Reuter. Diesmal mit Solos von Susanne Martin, Maria Colusi, Lutz Streun (Saxophon) und Previews der neuen Stücke von Philip Amann und Gabriele Reuter/Mattef Kuhlmey.… Continue reading Korsobad: on Stage (2014)

Korsobad: On Stage (Berlin 2014)

Duet Todd Ford & Susanne Martin Korsobad: on stage : short dance performances, live music, drinks and DJ, curated by Gabriele Reuter 07.02.2014With: Lutz Streun, Gabriele Reuter, Zaratina Randrianantenaina, Susanne Martin, Annapaola Leso, Todd Ford, Maria Marta Colusi, DJ Montage