7 minutes of fame 2016 / 2017

7 minutes of fame flyer 2016

After  18 months and 12 editions and many many wonderful performers and performances Marlène and me closed the series in 2017. 2018 it is taken up again curated and hosted by Emilia Oebel and Georg Bergmann. We are very happy about that!!!!!!

A mixed performance evening curated by Marlène Colle and Susanne Martin at good old Eckkneipe “Stammtisch” in Berlin Neukölln. Roughly once a month. Each time an astonishing line up with acts of maximum 7 minutes length, performers wild and tamed, minimalists and exhuberants, newcomers and Wiederholungstäter*innen, auf Deutsch oder Englisch oder. Original music, dance, poetry, stand up, science, performance art……
Info: check the facebook group ‚7 minutes of fame‘ or facebook page ‚Stammtisch‘
Next dates: 6 April, 18 May, 8 June 2017
You want to perform: write a mail to me and Marlène

Photos by Max Vaupel.