Rosi tanzt Rosi – The July/August Version 2008

Performances: July 2008 at Uferstudios Berlin as part of MA SODA research showings andAugust 2008 at HALLE Berlin as part of the International Dance Festival Tanz im AugustSupported by: HZT Berlin Rosi tanzt Rosi is a piece, a process, a movement towards a fictional character; it’s also my continuous research subject/object throughout my MA studies… Continue reading Rosi tanzt Rosi – The July/August Version 2008

Rosi tanzt Rosi 2008

SoloDuration: 10 min.Performances: 3./ 4. Jan. 2008 at Sophiensaele Berlin during the festival Tanztage 2008Supported by: HZT Berlin „Ist das nicht ein bisschen…….?“„Aber die Leute lieben sie“„Irgendwann muss doch mal Schluss sein …. Du hast schon den Artikel gelesen……? (…) und zeugt ihr Tun eigentlich von einem fortschreitenden Realitätsverlust oder eher von selbstbewusst zukunftsweisender Verschiebung… Continue reading Rosi tanzt Rosi 2008

JULIO (2006)

A piece about longing, ageing and the music of Julio Iglesias JULIO is a patchwork project. It has been presented internationally in different versions and lengths. The two solos can also stand for themselves and have been performed independently. The group version with guest lecturer and singer is at the moment only available in German… Continue reading JULIO (2006)

Golden Playa (2006)

A film by Andrea Keiz and Susanne Martin, 17 minspoken language: German, with English and Spanish subtitles In this documentary film (arty as well) I wanted to give the word to the old themselves. With the video artist Andrea Keiz I spent two weeks during winter season in a typical “German” hotel in Mallorca, contacting… Continue reading Golden Playa (2006)

Die Eigentümlichkeit, der Exhibitionismus und die Damen von Welt 2005

by Susanne Martin and Bronja Novak75 min. In English and Swedish language, also possible in German/English and English/English Premiere: 2005 at Atalante Gothenburg, SwedenSupported by: Statenskulturråd, Göteborgstads Kultur, Folkuniversitetet Performances: Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö, and in many many other Swedish cities, Berlin, Potsdam, Brunswick (USA), Chisinau (Moldova). To make a special evening an unforgettable one, Mesdames… Continue reading Die Eigentümlichkeit, der Exhibitionismus und die Damen von Welt 2005