Residential Workshop Italy 15 – 20 Sept 2023 Susanne & Francesco

MOVING INSIDE OUTSIDE Contact Improvisation – Push Hands (Tai Chi) – Qi Gong – Partnering – Outdoor Explorations – Performance Scores  Intensive dance workshop with Susanne Martin and Francesco Zita at Casina Settarte, Puglia Italy, 15 – 20 September 2023 Susanne’s teaching is based in contact improvisation, instant composition and 30 years of creating performances… Continue reading Residential Workshop Italy 15 – 20 Sept 2023 Susanne & Francesco

teaching lately

– SS 2022 Erst- und Zweitbegegnungen mit Tanzimprovisation Evangelische Hochschule Berlin – SS 2022 Tanzimprovisation & Methoden künstlerischer Forschung Evangelische Hochschule Berlin- – 3.5.2022 Body and Voice in Teaching, Workshop EPFL Lausanne – 27.4.2022 Was ist Tanz? Workshop / Lecture Performance zusammen mit Jan Burkhardt, Centre Francais Berlin, –  Somatic Research and Documentation Workshop… Continue reading teaching lately

What’s my teaching about … in 2011

My teaching today derives from my experience and ongoing practice as performer and performance maker, and my own ongoing training in dance and improvisation. Apart from this it is influenced by my education as dance teacher which I gained at Rotterdam Dance Academy (today called Codoarts) and  the two year process of completing my masters… Continue reading What’s my teaching about … in 2011