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Was ist Improvisation? Eine Lecture Performance von Susanne Martin 20 April 2024 Salt & Pepper, Festival for Improvisation, Basel, Schwitzerland, more info here Dancing Age(ing), Lecture Performance by Susanne Martin 8 May 2024 Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin, HZTmore info soon

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Newest Article: Embodying Recognition

Photo: Simon Henein, ASCOPET symposium 13 June 2019 "Learning to Improvise..."

Dance Improvisation for Scientists My new artistic research article /exposition is in the Research Catalogue (2023) OPEN ACCESS – GO HERE From the perspective of a dance artist and artistic researcher, I trace the details of how and why I created events for scientists to encounter dance improvisation through shared exploration and shared reflection. Interlacing… Continue reading Newest Article: Embodying Recognition

Book reviews of Dancing Age(ing)

Meticulous and rich, the book incorporates theoretical density with practice-­based insights. […] Martin’s work supports the wider acceptance of Practice as Research (PaR) in academic settings as a rigorous and comprehensive mode of critical inquiry and knowledge production. Michelle Heffner Hayes in Critical Studies in Improvisation 12 (1) Martin has keen insights into the gaps… Continue reading Book reviews of Dancing Age(ing)