some moving images..

bodies in the making – research impro & engineering

learning to improvise… research impro & engineering

dancing with real bodies – research impro & engineering

ASCOPET research trailer

Videos for publication „Performing Bodies / Performing Relationships“

The Fountain of Age – trailer – research dance age

The Fountain of Youth – trailer – research dance age

Salon Raumverstehen trailer salon 1 – 4

understanding dance

understanding dance 1

unterstanding dance 2

unterstanding dance 3

unterstanding dance 4

Retroperspektive trailer

7 Minutes of Fame trailer

Rosalind Crisp: (Un)Domesticated Bodies: Live feed

stromen -Duo Improvisation S. Martin & S. Wenger


DoctorD meetsDoctorV excerpt

Julio – solo version excerpts

Die Damen von Welt excerpts

Herr K. Müh excerpts