lecture performances 2017

Photo Annika Fredriksson

-29 November 2017 live acts, moving bodies, and the sharing of time and ideas: a danced lecture, artistic research conference, Swedisch arts council, Stockholm

– September 2017, Searching for the Fountain of Age – a danced lecture, Colloquium on
Artistic Research in Performing Arts (CARPA), Theatre Academy and the
Academy of Fine Arts of the Uniarts Helsinki, Finnland

-7 July 2017, Improvising Age(ing) or dancing around the fountain of youth and the
fountain of age – a danced lecture and workshop, Dance & Somatic
Practices Conference, Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) Coventry
University, UK

-29 June 2017, Dancing Age(ing) as Artistic Research, Embodied Practice and Artistic Research: Debating European Artistic Doctorates in Dance and Performance, Seminar organised by Artistic Doctorates in Europe (ADiE), RESEARCH PAVILION: UTOPIA OF ACCESS, Biennale di Venecia 2017, Research Pavilion, Theatre Space

-29 April 2017, Dancing Age(ing): Strategies for Rethinking Age(ing) in Contemporary
Dance, ENAS Conference: Cultural Narratives, Processes and Strategies
in Representations of Age and Aging, University of Graz, Austria

Photo: Annika Fredriksson