other stuff/ older stuff

All those pieces before the era of internet and extensive video/photo documentations…
Pieces of colleagues and friends I participated in…

VHS tapes that faded away

Die Puppenfee 1978, first and last time wearing a tutu.

2001 to 2010 I participated as actress/performer in 9 productions of the wonderful Theater M21 under the direction of Joachim von Burchard. Here some pictures.

Theater M21 – Zuhause 2010
Theater M21 – Hausprobe 2007
Theater M21 – Ehrgeiz für alle 2006
Theater M21 – Adler und Engel 2005
Theater M21 – Zucker zerschlagen 2004
Theater M21 – Der Alleinunterhalter 2003
Theater M21 – synchron amerika 2002
Theater M21 – work is lounge is work 2001