Martin, S. (forthcoming 2024) Performing Bodies / Performing Relationships. In: Tau, R., Kloetzer, L., Henein, S. (eds.) Barefoot Academic Teaching: Performing Arts as Pedagogical Tool in Higher Education. Edition Scenario. Berlin: Schibri. Bauer, L.; Boos, P.; Martin, S.; Nöthen, E.; Reuter, G. (2023) Er-Fahrung – Cycling Spaces im Salon Raumverstehen: Mobilitätspraktiken im Quartier geographisch-künstlerisch beforschen.… Continue reading publications

Newest Article: Embodying Recognition

Photo: Simon Henein, ASCOPET symposium 13 June 2019 "Learning to Improvise..."

Dance Improvisation for Scientists My new artistic research article /exposition is in the Research Catalogue (2023) OPEN ACCESS – GO HERE From the perspective of a dance artist and artistic researcher, I trace the details of how and why I created events for scientists to encounter dance improvisation through shared exploration and shared reflection. Interlacing… Continue reading Newest Article: Embodying Recognition

Article: Dancing with Real Bodies

Dancing with Real Bodies: Dance Improvisation for Engineering, Science, and Architecture Students is published in “Algorithmic and Aesthetic Literacy 2021 OPEN ACCESS HERE How can dance improvisation contribute to learning processes within a technical university? This article proposes an answer to this question from the perspective of an artistic researcher and dancer who specializes in… Continue reading Article: Dancing with Real Bodies