Susanne Martin, Berlin

Susanne Martin (PhD)
is a Berlin based artist, researcher, and teacher in the field of contemporary dance and performance. She works internationally as soloist and in collaborative settings. Her artistic practice and research focuses on improvisation, contact improvisation, narrations of the aging body, humor and irony in dance, artistic research methods, improvisation-based and art-based approaches to learning, knowledge production and knowledge dissemination. Her book Dancing Age(ing): Rethinking Age(ing) in and through Improvisation Practice and Performance has been published by transcript in 2017.
She currently holds a postdoc position at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, where she examines dance improvisation in its potential to rethink and advance processes of learning and researching in a technical university.

Book reviews of Dancing Age(ing):
„Meticulous and rich, the book incorporates theoretical density with practice-­based insights. […] Martin’s work supports the wider acceptance of Practice as Research (PaR) in academic settings as a rigorous and comprehensive mode of critical inquiry and knowledge production.“ Michelle Heffner Hayes in Critical Studies in Improvisation 12 (1).
„Martin has keen insights into the gaps and spaces of negotiation between what are commonly viewed as dualistic and fixed positions – youth and old age. […] What distinguishes this text is the meeting of scholarship and self-reflective practice, or as Martin puts it, the fluid process of inquiry between researcher and researched.“ Megan V. Nicely in The Drama Review 62 (3).

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